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Help us with your heating oil deliveries this winter and early spring

remove snow

Weather can be pretty unpredictable these days – here we are just weeks away from spring, but don’t forget that we got more than 20” of snow from a Nor’easter right around this time last year.

Unpredictable weather keeps a heating oil delivery company like ours on its toes as our crews dig in to deliver the fuel that keeps your family and the rest of our customers warm and safe, and to maintain a fleet that’s ready for any challenge that comes our way.

We’re pretty good at meeting those challenges – especially when we get some help from you. How can you play your part in keeping NY families warm and safe? By helping us in three ways:

Thanks as always for your business, and for helping us keep the heating oil coming when you need it most!

Did you know that we speed up our delivery schedule when severe weather is forecast so we can get extra delivery runs in ahead of the storm? It’s just one more way Valley Oil delivers for you. Contact us today to schedule a heating oil delivery, or to join the Valley Oil family of satisfied customers.

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