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How do I prevent a heating oil run-out?

Heating oil run-out

If you own an oil-fired heating system, one challenge you might encounter is keeping track of how much heating oil is in your tank, especially during an unexpected cold snap.

The truth is, when temperatures drop, you’ve got a lot on your mind – making sure your kids are safe, for example, or taking care of snow and ice removal. With all that activity, scheduling a heating oil delivery is one of those activities that just might slip through the cracks at a time when your need for heating fuel (and the consequences for being without it) are greatest.

If you have never gone through a heating oil run-out, congratulations – it’s not a fun experience, and it could end up being worse than that. For one thing, heating oil prices usually rise when fuel demand is highest, so you’ll pay more to heat your home. You’ll also have to pay a premium for an emergency heating oil service and delivery rather than a simple fill-up. A fuel run-out could also lead to other complications as sludge from the bottom of your heating oil tank enters the fuel lines, clogging filters and narrowing passages throughout your heating system.

So how to you keep from running out of heating oil? Here are four suggestions:

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