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Prevention Tips For Water Build Up In Your Oil Storage Tank

Preventing oil tank water build up hudson valley

Heating oil tanks are simple devices, but they do require at least some attention to run safely and reliably year after year.

The first and most obvious way to care for your heating oil tank is to have it inspected by a professional every year, or at least every other year. But the second way might not be so obvious: keep your heating oil tank at least half full with fuel at all times, especially in the off-season.

Here’s why: A tank that contains more air than fuel will accumulate condensation (water) on its interior walls quickly as temperatures change from season to season (spring to summer, for example). This condensation creates two big problems for your heating oil tank: first, it creates a perfect environment for growing bacteria in your fuel, which will eventually transform your heating oil into a thick sludge that will jam your fuel lines and rob your home heating system of efficiency. Second, accumulated moisture will eventually sink to the bottom of your tank (since water is heavier than oil) and corrode it from the inside out – a problem you might not see coming until you have a full-blown leak on your hands.

In short, condensation is the natural enemy of your oil storage tank – and keeping your tank at least half-filled with heating oil can help prevent it. Top off your tank now and it could prevent problems down the road; it could save you money, too, since pre-season heating oil prices are often lower than in-season prices, when heating oil demand and market prices are highest.

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