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Heating Oil: Is It Safe For My Home And Family?

safety of heating oil hudson valley

Americans have been using oil to heat their homes for more than 100 years – which isn’t surprising considering how effective it is at pumping out the BTUs. But how safe is heating oil as a source of home energy?

As it turns out, it ranks at the top on that score, too.

Unlike natural gas or propane, heating oil will not burn under conditions you would normally find in your home: to burn, heating oil must be vaporized and ignited in a specific way – a process that happens inside your boiler or furnace.

That doesn’t mean that you can simply fill your tank with heating oil and run your furnace or boiler year after year without giving it at least some TLC. When you get an annual heating tune-up from a qualified technician, he will test your heating equipment to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

Modern leak-proof tanks add security

Great strides have also been made in the area of oil storage tank designs, where double wall heating oil tanks have virtually eliminated oil leaks. Older, single wall steel oil tanks were prone to corrosion – a problem that could lead to leaks or even tank failures. Now, with inner tanks made from plastic or fiberglass, the chance of an oil leak is near zero if the tank is properly installed and maintained.

Safer from CO poisoning

Although burning heating oil produces some carbon monoxide as exhaust, oil holds a big advantage over gas when it comes to carbon monoxide detection: if an oil burner is not functioning properly, it will produce smoke – a natural warning sign. A gas burner, on the other hand, will produce only colorless, odorless carbon monoxide; this makes a CO buildup harder to notice without a sensitive and working carbon monoxide detector.

If your oil furnace is producing black smoke or soot, contact a heating professional right away – this is a sign your equipment is not functioning properly and the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning exists.  It’s also critical to have tested and working carbon monoxide detectors in your home, and to know the telltale symptoms of CO poisoning, such as headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

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