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Should My Furnace Be Sounding Like This?!

furnace noises new yorkIf you have owned your heating oil furnace for a few years, you probably know the sounds it makes when it’s doing its job – a hum here, a click there, an occasional WHOOSH, and not much more than that.

But sometimes, it makes a sound that you don’t expect – a bang or a rattle for example. These unusual sounds could indicate a problem that needs a look from a heating repair professional.

Strange Furnace Sounds Possible Causes

Here are three problems that could lead to your furnace making strange noises this heating season.

The Bottom Line: Don’t DIY Your Furnace!

A modern furnace is a complicated piece of equipment, and tampering with it without proper training can be dangerous: a significant electric shock or exposure to a potentially dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide in your Hudson Valley home are just two potential consequences of improper maintenance. If you have a heating problem, always call a professional – for safety’s sake!

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