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Looking for a Discount Heating Oil Supplier in New York?

Here are nine reasons to choose us!

discount heating oil new yorkIt matters who you buy your heating oil from. Not all companies are created equal. There are a number of things to consider. For most homeowners, price is as the top of the list. At Valley Oil, our goal is to keep you smiling and paying less for your heating oil. We offer our budget-conscious customers in the Hudson Valley of New York quality and reliability at a price they can afford.

Why should you choose Valley Oil?

Why should you choose Valley Oil as your heating oil supplier? Here are nine reasons:

  1. We’re trusted. We reliably deliver heating oil to thousands of Hudson Valley customers at a great price.
  2. We sell a quality product. Our heating oil is top-grade. It’s the same great oil our competitors are selling. We simply don’t inflate our prices.
  3. We’re convenient. Simply order the oil you want when you want it
  4. Our staff is dedicated. Our employees have one goal, and that’s to keep your family warm while also saving you money.
  5. We’re there when you need us. Our large fleet of vehicles allows us to make timely deliveries to all of our Hudson Valley customers.
  6. Our track record is exceptional. Even in the worst weather, we’ll work tirelessly to get you the fuel you need when you need it.
  7. We’re dependable. You can count on us to deliver as promised. Our customer service is second to none.
  8. You are our top priority. Courtesy and respect are foundational values of our company. It’s our job to make sure you have a terrific customer experience.
  9. We’ll save you money. Our company’s purpose is to keep our customers smiling and paying less. “Pay less. Smile more.” It’s not just our motto, it’s our company’s purpose and philosophy. It’s our mission.

Valley Oil has been a reliable provider of heating oil since 1996. If you live in Dutchess or Ulster County, we will provide your home with quality fuel oil at the best possible price.

Contact Valley Oil for your next heating oil delivery and start paying less (and smiling more) today!