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How Much Heating Oil Will You Need This Winter?

Weather Forecasting

heating oil supply new yorkWe’re getting into the thick of winter. Snow has fallen, and we’ve experienced some frigidly cold days. But the weather is just one of the factors affecting how much heating oil you’ll need for your Hudson Valley home. Do you know what some of the others are?

There are factors affecting your home’s heating oil consumption that are within your control. However, there are others that are not. Understanding the ups and downs of your household’s heating oil usage can help you to better predict your usage and your needs so you can plan, adjust, and order accordingly.

Here are some of the factors affecting your home’s heating oil consumption:

Keep enough in the tank

Finding yourself with an empty oil tank is more than an inconvenience, it’s a serious (probably expensive) problem. In addition to being uncomfortable without heat and hot water while you wait for your emergency delivery of heating oil, you could also face some very expensive consequences.

As your oil tank empties, debris can get into and clog your filters, causing your heating system to lose efficiency or fail altogether. Water might also collect in your tank and cause rust. That could also cause your heating system to fail. Additionally, on a really cold day your pipes could freeze and/or burst, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Because of all of the above, it’s important to check your oil tank’s gauge regularly (and to check it more often the colder it gets) and order more oil before you run out.

However, as a Valley Oil customer, you can eliminate all gauge checking as well as the worry of a run-out by signing up for automatic delivery. Leave all the calculations and scheduling to us. We’ll account for your average usage and upcoming weather conditions to make sure you always have enough fuel. And the best part about this service…it’s free!

Make Valley Oil your Hudson Valley oil company

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