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Is Heating A House With Oil Safe?

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heating oil safety new yorkDo you wonder about the safety of using heating oil in your Hudson Valley home? You should know that oil heat is a safe and affordable way to heat your home. So you can feel good about being a heating oil customer. You can also feel good about being a Valley Oil customer, because we help you pay less and smile more. We offer our customers the best deal on heating oil in the Hudson Valley.

Heating Oil & Safety

There are a number of benefits to using heating oil in your Hudson Valley home, and safety is one of them. There are some misconceptions out there about heating oil and safety. Here’s the truth: Heating oil is and has always been exceptionally safe. Home heating oil doesn’t ignite in its liquid state. If you dropped a lit match into a bowl of heating oil, it would be like you’d dropped it in a bowl of water. The match would be extinguished. Heating oil has to be vaporized to burn. That requires a temperature of over 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can safely store heating oil in your Hudson Valley home. Modern oil storage tanks are practically leakproof. Whether your tank is inside or outside your home, it’s been built for durability. The latest tanks are coated with corrosion-resistant materials and can last for decades.

Additionally, heating oil represents a very low risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. And if there is a problem, your heating system is designed to shut off and alert you.

More Benefits to Heating Oil

Here are some additional benefits heating oil offers:

  1. Efficiency: Modern oil-fired heating systems can be up to 95% efficient—that’s up to 20% more efficient than gas and 30% more efficient than electricity. Having a more efficient heating system means it costs you less to keep your family comfortable.
  2. Speed: Of all the heating fuels, heating oil can warm your home the fastest. It generates approximately 125,000 BTUs per gallon.
  3. Eco-friendlier: The last few decades have brought about significant improvements in heating oil. Today’s heating oil is cleaner and greener than the heating oil of old. Valley Oil delivers top quality heating oil. And when you buy your heating oil from us, you get the best price in town.
  4. Longevity: With proper maintenance, your oil-fired boiler or furnace can last for 20-30 years or more. Using quality heating oil like the heating oil Valley Oil delivers can also help extend the life of your home heating system.

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