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5 Reasons Heating Oil is Still a Great Fuel

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oilheat home ulster county, ny These days, Hudson Valley homeowners have many choices for their home heating. But if your furnace or boiler uses oil, then you enjoy a safe fuel that provides robust heat and releases fewer emissions than ever before.

Valley Oil has served New York families since 1996. We’ve seen how heating oil has evolved in recent decades and why it’s still a great way to heat your home. Here are five reasons to love today’s heating oil.

1. Heating oil is low-sulfur.

Petroleum-based heating oil is almost identical to diesel. Both are distillates for crude oil. Both combust in the same way to generate energy and are subject to the same Environmental Protection Agency standards involving sulfur content.

Consequently, the heating oil you receive today is ultra-low sulfur. Its sulfur content is only 15 parts per million (compared to roughly 4,000 ppm in the past). This is fantastic for air quality!

2. Heating oil is becoming greener by the day.

Increasingly, modern heating oil is incorporating biofuel, which is a replacement for petroleum made from organic and recycled products like used cooking oil, inedible corn oil, soybeans, animal fats and algae.

When you combine ultra-low sulfur heating oil with biofuel, you produce an incredibly clean-burning product that reduces carbon, mercury and particulate matter emissions. In fact, a heating oil blend containing 20% biofuel burns cleaner than natural gas.

3. Heating oil keeps you warmer.

For all of the changes to heating oil in recent years, it’s lost none of its heating power. One gallon of heating oil generates about 138,500 Btu, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. It takes 135 cubic feet of natural gas to generate that much heat.

4. Heating oil is safe for your home.

You don’t need to worry about your family’s safety with heating oil. It does not explode like natural gas can. If you were to drop a lit match into a bucket of heating oil, it would go out as if you dropped it in water. For heating oil to burn, it must be heated up above 140 degrees Fahrenheit and vaporized. That’s what the burner in your furnace or boiler does.

5. Heating oil burns cleanly in your heating equipment.

All the eco-friendly advances in heating oil are good news for your home’s heating system. Modern heating oil leaves fewer deposits in your equipment, which means you’ll need fewer cleanings and less maintenance. This also reduces wear and tear and extends your equipment’s lifespan.

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