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What Are the Advantages of Automatic Delivery?

You’ll Be Giving Yourself Peace of Mind

heating oil delivery Dutchess county, new york Chances are you don’t have the time or interest in keeping an eagle eye on your fuel gauge—especially during the winter months when your usage is likely to peak. But unless you have automatic delivery, that’s exactly what you have to do to avoid a fuel run-out and the hazards and expenses that come with it.

That’s the biggest advantage to automatic delivery. It takes the pressure off you to monitor your fuel levels while ensuring you won’t have a run-out. With automatic delivery from Valley Oil, we handle everything—the calculations, the scheduling, and the delivery. And it won’t cost you anything more. The service is free.

How does automatic delivery work?

When you sign up for automatic heating oil delivery with Valley Oil, we do all the work. Here’s how it works:

  1. Using industry-proven calculations, we estimate your needs based on the volume of fuel you have used in the past.
  2. We schedule your heating oil deliveries to ensure you don’t run out of fuel. (Our drivers generally arrive when there is still plenty of fuel in the tank, so there should be no worries about running out.)

You can combine convenience with an opportunity for additional savings by combining our budget plan with our automatic delivery service.

Is Automatic Delivery Really Free?

You may be wondering if there’s a catch. Is our automatic delivery service really free? Yes, it is. Why? Simple: automatic delivery is free because it helps everyone.

By planning efficient delivery routes, we can get more heating oil to more people and do it in less time. So, it’s better for our business.

Fuel run-outs are a costly and potentially dangerous for homeowners. With automatic delivery, you can drastically reduce the chance of a run-out and save yourself the hassle of managing your heating oil deliveries. So, it’s better for you too!

Are There Disadvantages to Automatic Delivery?

There’s no downside to automatic delivery. You only get benefits. You’ll never have to worry about a run-out. And if your usage goes down, it’s not as though the oil in your tank will spoil before you can use it.

Number 2 heating oil (the type most commonly found in American homes) can last up to 2 years. And you can still use heating oil that’s passed the two-year mark. Old heating oil isn’t like rotten milk. It hasn’t “gone bad,” it will simply generate less energy. Said another way, it won’t produce as much heat when it’s burned as newer oil would. But it can still get the job done.

Valley Oil: Pay Less. Smile More.

Valley Oil delivers heating oil to the residents of Dutchess and Ulster counties. We offer our customers quality, affordability, and dependability—not to mention, convenience.

Valley Oil is a reliable provider of quality discount heating oil. Contact us today to learn more or to sign up for automatic delivery.