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The Benefits of Heating with Heating Oil

What we appreciate about heating oil

heating oil Ulster county, ny There are a lot of misconceptions about heating oil. Most of those misconceptions stem from the fact that when most people think of heating oil, they think of the heating oil of a bygone age. Today’s heating oil is not the same as the heating oil that was being used decades ago.

Keep reading for some stuff you should know about today’s heating oil and the benefits of heating with heating oil.

Heating Oil Is Greener

Today’s heating oil burns cleaner than heating oil from decades ago. In fact, it burns 95% cleaner than heating oil from 1970. In addition, heating oil meets the air pollution standards set by the EPA. The emissions for heating oil are continually improving. Heating oil’s sulfur content continues to decrease, and there are renewable heating oil products that have even lower emissions. Furthermore, heating oil isn’t regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act because residential heating oil equipment generates such a negligible amount of emissions.

Heating Oil Is Safe

Heating oil will not burn in its liquid state. In order to ignite heating oil, it needs to be vaporized. That happens at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that even if you dropped a lit match into heating oil, it would go out just as if you’d dropped it in water.

If there is an issue with your oil burner, you’ll notice. It will release smoke or soot. These are early indicators that there’s a problem. Carbon monoxide leaks rarely occur without these visible warning signs.

Heating Oil Is Efficient

Compared to other heating fuels, heating oil produces the hottest flame. That means it can get your home or water warmer faster. Oil heat systems are highly efficient. Modern systems can be as much as 95% efficient. And they burn a lot less fuel than their counterparts from decades ago did. That’s good for your bottom line. It means, with a modern heating oil system, you won’t need as much heating oil as with a system from the 1970s.

Heating Oil Is Economical

For the past twenty years, heating oil has been the leader when it comes to value. Competition also keeps the price of heating oil in check. As Valley Oil customer, you know you’re getting the best price in the region because we’re committed to our customers paying less (and smiling more).

Your heating oil system is also a good investment. Heating oil systems tend to last twice as long as other fuel systems. The average oil heat furnace that is properly maintained will last roughly thirty years. That’s longer than propane and natural gas systems which have a typical lifespan of eleven to fourteen years.

Oil systems have more going for them than their longevity. Compared to a natural gas furnace, the oil heat system can cost as much as 25% less to install. They’re also easy to repair.

Quality and Affordability

Valley Oil delivers heating oil at the best price to the residents of Dutchess County, Ulster County, and the surrounding areas. We offer our customers quality, affordability, and dependability.

Valley Oil is a reliable provider of quality discount heating oil. Contact us today to order oil or sign up for automatic delivery.