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Heating Oil vs Other Home Heating Options

heating oil heating Dutchess county, ny There are a lot of advantages to using heating oil in your Hudson Valley home. Let’s take a look at how heating oil compares to other home heating options.

BTUs & Efficiency

Compared to other heating fuels, heating oil produces the hottest flame. An oil furnace generates more heat per BTU than any other heating source. That means it can get your home or water warmer faster. Oil heat systems are highly efficient. Modern systems can be as much as 95% efficient. And they burn a lot less fuel than their counterparts from decades ago did. That’s good for your bottom line. It means, with a modern heating oil system, you won’t need as much heating oil as with a system from the 1970’s.

Gas furnaces tend to have a higher efficiency rating than oil furnaces, but there is a trade-off for that higher efficiency. Gas units can cost as much as 25% more than a comparably sized oil furnace.


For the past twenty years, heating oil has been the leader when it comes to value. Competition also keeps the price of heating oil in check. As a Valley Oil customer, you know you’re getting the best price in the region because we’re committed to our customers paying less (and smiling more). With gas, you’re at the mercy of the local utility. You can’t shop around for the best price like you can with heating oil providers.

Your heating oil system is also a good investment. Heating oil systems tend to last twice as long as other fuel systems. The average oil heat furnace that is properly maintained will last roughly thirty years. That’s longer than propane and natural gas systems which have a typical lifespan of eleven to fourteen years.

Oil systems have even more going for them than their longevity. Compared to a natural gas furnace, an oil heat system can cost as much as 25% less to install. They’re also easy to repair.


Oil furnaces can be easily and regularly serviced—often by the company that delivers the heating oil. Gas furnaces require very little maintenance, but they also generate less heat per BTU than oil furnaces.


A new oil burner generates almost no smoke and combustion discharge. In fact, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), oil burners are now one of the cleanest combustion options. They operate as cleanly as their gas or propane counterparts. They’re significantly cleaner than a wood-burning stove.


With oil heat, your heating oil is safely stored on your property and available to you regardless of the weather conditions. During particularly cold weather, which we’re no stranger to in the Hudson Valley, gas pipelines can experience pressure drops that can cause you to lose heat.

Quality and Affordability

Valley Oil delivers heating oil at the best price to the residents of Dutchess County, Ulster County, and the surrounding areas. We offer our customers quality, affordability, and dependability.

Valley Oil is a reliable provider of quality discount heating oil. Contact us today to order oil or sign up for automatic delivery.