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Does My Heating Oil Tank Need to Be Insulated?

A Frequently Asked Question

oil tanks dutchess county, ny Having an outdoor heating oil tank means it’s vulnerable to the changes in the weather. Now that winter is here, you need to worry about how cold it gets. When heating oil falls below a certain temperature it gels. That means it freezes into a thick, sludge. It never becomes solid like ice. This gelling happens at around 20 degrees Fahrenheit and effects on several components of your heating system. It affects the following components in these ways:

Can I Prevent My Heating Oil from Gelling?

There are steps you can take at your Hudson Valley home to protect your heating oil from gelling.

  1. Insulate the heating oil tank: Cover your heating oil tank with a shed that will protect it from the elements.
  2. Use treated oil: There are certain heating oil additives that can help prevent gelling.
  3. Bury your fuel line: If your heating oil line is above ground, burying it will provide some insulation.
  4. Install a wider fuel line: A wider fuel line will be less prone to blockages due to gelling.

Remember, a Full Tank Is Best

Remember, there are a couple reasons why you should keep your tank full. Otherwise, debris can clog your oil filters. Clogged oil filters reduce the efficiency of your heating system and can even cause it to fail altogether. Both of those scenarios will cost you more money in energy and/or repair costs. An emptier tank is also more susceptible to condensation. The water formed by condensation forms an ideal environment for bacteria to build up and create heating oil sludge in your tank. If that sludge gets into your filters, it will decrease your system’s efficiency or cause it to fail. Condensation can also cause rust, and that rust can cause your heating system to fail. A fuller tank is also less susceptible to gelling, because the more heating oil in your tank the longer it takes to freeze.

How full is full enough? Try to keep your tank at least half full (though fuller is better) all year long. Not sure how much heating oil to order, take out the guesswork by becoming an automatic delivery customer and we’ll do all the calculations for you to come up with the most efficient delivery schedule.

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