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How do I prevent my oil from freezing?

Heating oil is one of best ways to heat your home or commercial space here in the Hudson Valley: it’s safe and efficient, and burning it produces more heat than any other fuel. Another great characteristic of fuel oil is that it can be stored for at a later date, which means you can order […]

Save on heating bills

How can I save on heating bills this fall and winter?

Temperatures are dropping here in Dutchess and Ulster counties – which means that the bills for your heating oil deliveries will be rising soon enough. To try to keep that rise to a minimum, it pays to invest some time, money, and effort to improve the energy efficiency in your Hudson Valley home. Here are […]

Heating oil run-out

How do I prevent a heating oil run-out?

If you own an oil-fired heating system, one challenge you might encounter is keeping track of how much heating oil is in your tank, especially during an unexpected cold snap. The truth is, when temperatures drop, you’ve got a lot on your mind – making sure your kids are safe, for example, or taking care of […]

What is a good temperature to set your thermostat?

About nine out of ten Americans say they rarely or never program their thermostat, according to a recent survey. If you’re a member of that majority, we have a suggestion that could save you a hundreds of dollars year after year: take a few minutes and get to know that little box on your wall. […]

Furnace heating

How efficient are fuel oil furnaces?

When it comes to choosing a way to heat your home, there are a number of reasons to choose a heating oil furnace. For one, an oil furnace can be installed anywhere – you don’t need to hook up to a pipeline like you do with natural gas. Oil is also safer than gas (natural […]

Busting five common heating oil myths

We Americans have been using oil to heat our homes since the 1930s – ever since the Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company (now Honeywell – yes, that Honeywell) introduced the first oil-fired burners. But despite that long track record of providing reliable heat to (mostly Northeastern) American homes, misconceptions still exist about heating oil – thanks in large […]

How long does heating oil stay “fresh”?

Recently, we wrote about the importance of keeping your heating oil tank at least half full , even in the offseason (if your tank is near empty, now is the perfect time for a heating oil delivery). If you follow that advice, your heating oil will likely sit idle in the tank for at least […]

Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide safety reminders

If you live in a home that includes at least one appliance that burns fuel (a water heater, furnace, or boiler, for example), then you probably know how dangerous carbon monoxide can be. But do you know what causes a build-up of the potentially deadly gas – or what to do if someone living with you […]

Why you should always keep your heating oil tank at least half full

Heating oil tanks are pretty simple devices that require minimal maintenance to keep running at their best – but they do require you to do two things if you want them to run safely and reliably year after year. The first and most obvious of those two things is to have your tank inspected every […]

Help us with your heating oil deliveries this winter and early spring

Weather can be pretty unpredictable these days – here we are just weeks away from spring, but don’t forget that we got more than 20” of snow from a Nor’easter right around this time last year. Unpredictable weather keeps a heating oil delivery company like ours on its toes as our crews dig in to […]