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Is Heating A House With Oil Safe?

Learn More About Today’s Heating Oil Do you wonder about the safety of using heating oil in your Hudson Valley home? You should know that oil heat is a safe and affordable way to heat your home. So you can feel good about being a heating oil customer. You can also feel good about being […]

Why You Should Buy a Home That Uses Heating Oil

The Advantages Are you looking to purchase a home in the Hudson Valley? There’s a lot to consider. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you want an open concept? Do you want a home that’s move-in ready, or are you willing to go with a fixer-upper? What are the must-haves for you and your […]

Take Care of Your Heating Oil Tank This Summer

Keep It Full Summer is in full swing in the Hudson Valley, and you’ve probably forgotten all about your boots and sweaters in favor of your flip-flops and tank tops. You might also be tempted to stop thinking about your heating oil tank and let it run down to less than you would during the […]

Carbon Monoxide Safety & Your Furnace

What You Need to Know About This Poisonous Gas At Valley Oil, our goal is to help our Hudson Valley customers pay less and smile more. We also care about the safety of our customers. If you have a furnace in your home, it’s important for the health and safety of your family that you […]

A Message About Heating Oil Costs

Understanding the Market & Price Fluctuations Everywhere you look, it seems like prices are on the rise. Inflation is breaking records. And world events have left many markets volatile. From supply chain delays and staffing shortages to the price of gas for your car, these are challenging times for us all. Now world events are […]

How Long Is Heating Oil Good For?

Has Yours Expired? They say, “nothing lasts forever.” It’s true. Lots of the things you deal with every day have an expiration date—like the milk or meat in your fridge. And when you buy fresh fruits and vegetables, you know you only have so long to eat them before they start to go bad. Have […]

How To Read a Heating Oil Tank Gauge

What you need to know When the seasons change your heating habits tend to change as well. That means the rate at which you use heating oil is also likely to change. Now that the weather is warming up, you might find yourself thinking less about heating oil, but you still need to stay on […]

Winter Heating Oil Delivery Safety Reminders

A checklist for the season All year long you take steps to keep yourself and your family safe in your Hudson Valley home. Winter brings its own set of safety concerns. We’ve already gotten some record-breaking snow this year, and more is sure to be on the way. Let’s review some of the important steps […]

How Much Heating Oil Will You Need This Winter?

Weather Forecasting We’re getting into the thick of winter. Snow has fallen, and we’ve experienced some frigidly cold days. But the weather is just one of the factors affecting how much heating oil you’ll need for your Hudson Valley home. Do you know what some of the others are? There are factors affecting your home’s […]

Why Does the Price of Heating Oil Fluctuate?

Here are some common causes Unless you’re a millionaire, you probably keep a close eye on your finances. This has been a tough financial year for a lot of Americans, and so value matters even more. Whether it’s the gas you put in your car or the milk you put in your fridge, you feel […]